The books "Technical Basics of Oboe/Bassoon Playing" are mainly about practising scales etc.


Do we have topractise scales ??? Why ???


Have a look at a wonderful interview with Albrecht Mayer (at minute 20:00). You will find the answer.....

Albrecht Mayer:




Major Edition - Oboe

This book is a collection of tried and tested exercises, which will enable you to acquire an effective and comprehensive technique. They are systematically arranged and alternate “flowing” exercises, which train fluency and consistency, with “repeated” exercises, which improve the precision of difficult finger movements. 


The following exercises appear in each key:

1. Scale, possible variations, five-note scale, scale with auxiliary note

2. Thirds (four exercises)

3. Fourths (four exercises)

4. Staccato

5. Arpeggio, with variation


The book will conclude with exercises which target the embouchure and air flow, as well as intonation exercises from Ralf-Jörn Köster and a sound- and legato- exercise from Albrecht Mayer


This study book consists of 84 stitch-bound pages and is a wonderful supplement to daily practice for oboe players of almost every level.


Score: have a look further down

Oboe Etudes


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Exercise book oboe by Andreas Mendel

Minor Edition - Oboe

This book is the second volume of 'The Technical Basics of Oboe Playing'. It contains effective and systematic exercises for scales in minor (mostly harmonic but also melodic minors), and therefore completes the scales exercises for all keys - both major and minor.


As in the first volume, the exercises appear in the following forms:


1. Scales: possible variations, 5-note scale, scale with auxiliary note

2. Thirds: repeated, flowing, with auxiliary note

3. Fourths: repeated, flowing, with auxiliary note

4. Staccato

5. Arpeggios: arpeggios with variations


The 'minor edition' also contains the following exercises:


1. Warm up

2. Exercise for a clean and controlled response (Andrea Glaser)

3. Staccato (by Maurice Bourgue)

4. Arpeggios (by Emanuel Abbühl)


An essay on Vibrato (by Matthias Bäcker) completes this exercise book.


The Minor Edition contains 96 stich-bound pages finished with a laminate cover, making the book robust and long lasting.


Oboe Etudes.


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Junior Edition - Oboe

Andreas Mendel & Andrea Glaser-Riefellner
The Junior Edition is a collection of tried and tested exercises, which will enable you to acquire an effective and comprehensive technique. It is adressed to a younger audience.




1. Warm-up

           Embouchure exercises (reed only)
           Slow scales
           Fifths and fourths
2. Exercise for sound and legato (by Albrecht Mayer)
3. Transition over the break
4. Exercises in different keys – MAJOR (up to 3# and 3b)
           1. Scale, basic pattern, possible variations,
               Triplet scale, 5-note scale, scale with auxiliary note
           2. Chromatic scale
           3. Thirds
           4. Staccato
           5. Arpeggios

5. Exercises in different keys – MINOR (up to 3# and 3b)
           1.1. & 1.2. harmonic minor
           1.3. melodic minor
           1.4. natural minor


Since some instruments do not extend to low B or B flat, the exercises begin on low C (c‘). The highest note is generally top C (c‘‘‘), although some exercises extend to top E flat (E flat‘‘‘).


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Master Edition

English translation: Sasha Calin


1. Finger and hand positioning


2. Technique

2.1   Warm-up

2.2. Finger control

2.3. Transition over the break

2.4. Basic pattern


3. Arpeggios (by Emanuel Abbühl)


4. Embouchure training


5. Double tonguing (by Andreas Schultze-Florey)


6. Optimising embourchure muscle function in wind players (by Herta Maurer-Kraft)


7. Air-flow and support

> An overview about the complex notion of support

> Five questions addressing air-flow and support:

Clara Dent-Bogàny

Nick Deutsch

Albrecht Mayer

Marie-Luise Modersohn

Daniela Tessmann

Christian Wetzel

Gregor Witt


8. Breathing & Sound (by Isa Terwiesche)


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Recommendations from different perspectives.

Although the Master Edition has only just been published, Andreas Mendel has already been invited by various institutions (Anton Bruckner University, Linz / Upper Austrian Music School Association) to give lectures on his books and in particular on the subject: Air-flow & Support.

Learning Oboe - Etudes for Oboe - Exercise book for Oboe

Have a look inside the Major Edition here:

These Oboe method books/etudes will improve your technique.