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> Neue Technikschule für Oboe

   von David Werner


> Zweite Auflage "Technische Grundlagen der Oboe"

   von David Werner


> Technische Grundlagen 2. Band

   von David Werner



Das Orchester - Magazin für Musiker und Management


> Technische Grundlagen der Oboe - Dur Edition

   erschienen in: Das Orchester 01/2017, Seite 63

   von Werner Bodendorff


> Technische Grundlagen der Oboe - Moll Edition 

   erschienen in: Das Orchester 07/08 2017, Seite 65

   von Werner Bodendorff

British Double Reed Society

> The JUNIOR Edition


In 2016 Andreas Mendel published two comprehensive 90-page volumes of exercises that seek to improve all technical aspects of oboe playing. He separated them into a major key volume and another for minor keys. These were given the title "Technical Basics of Oboe Playing". The volume under review here is the JUNIOR Edition; an abridged version that includes exercises more appropriate to the beginner player.


The production values are high with excellent design, printing and presentation. The content, as before, is a compilation of tried and tested scale drills but here with a limit on higher note range and with keys up to three sharps and flats. The layout begins with warm-up regimes, slow sclaes, interval work and help with transition over the break. This last in an excellent combination exercise that deals with co-ordination problems of recalcitrant fingers. Later, in differing major and minor keys, exercise based  variously on triplet scales, 5-note scales, varying rhythmic patterns, staccato exercises, thirds and arpeggios built from broken chords make up the bulk of the volume. I am delighted to see the splendid warm-up exercise by Albrecht Mayer retained in this book. It is one I now use all the time!


Andreas Mendel is Principal Oboe of the Bruckner Orchestra in Linz. He studied with Jochen Müller-Brincken in Würzurg and Emanuel Abbühl in Mannheim. Andrea Glaser-Riefellner studied with Günther Passin and Reinhold Malzer at Salzburg Mozarteum. She is a highly successful experienced teacher in Upper Austria and abroad. She also mentors oboe teachers at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz.


This work is a highly recommended addition to the canon of pedagogical literature.



Geoffrey Bridge

Review from: "Double Reed News" the magazine of the British Double Reed Society, Autumn/Winter 2020 No. 127 page 30








There are specifically two aspects of the book that I enjoy.

The first is the methodical way you order the exercises and

the other is the text in which you give some very good advice and

suggestions as to how to work these exercises.

It is a book that not only confronts the issue of digital facility but is a book

offering exercises that help with developing ones own musical voice.

Congratulations on writing a book that will help many oboe players.

Humbert Lucarelli

Professor of Oboe and Chamber Music

New York University, Steinhardt School

The Yale School of Music, Visiting Lecturer,

City University of New York, Graduate Center

The Hartt School, University of Hartford, Professor Emeritus

The Conservatory of Music at SUNY-Purchase (1980 to 2012)

Inhalt des Übungsheftes Technische Grundlagen der Oboe:

Tonleiterstudien für Oboe, Übungsheft für Oboe, Klangübungen für Oboe, Anspracheübungen für Oboe, Intonationsübung, Staccato, Vibratoübung, Übung für Legato & Luftführung


The Technical Basics of Oboe Playing:

Scales for the Oboe, Exercises for a clean and controlled response, Staccato, Arpeggios, An essay on Vibrato


Bassoon Technical Basics

Scales for bassoon, Daily exercises for developing a good sound, Half-holed fingerings, Diminished arpeggios


Fagott Technische Grundlagen

Tonleiterstudien für Fagott, Tägliche Einspielübungen für einen schönen Klang,  Halblochverbindungen, Verminderte Akkorde


KONIKOS Verlag Andreas Mendel

A - 4020 Linz Österreich